Assess Your Intelligent Automation (IA) Preparedness with Forrester

IA is fueling digital transformation’s next wave with smart robotic process automation. Are you ready for next-level success?

Before you can scale your IA scope, impact or strategic value — you need to evaluate where you are and what’s next for your automation.

Find out how to assess your own intelligent automation competencies and know where to invest using a complimentary assessment survey in this Forrester report.

Robotic Process Automation: How Prepared Are You?

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Gauge Your Intelligent Automation (IA) Preparedness

Investment in cognitive automation has surged over the last two years as remote work required support of at-home workers. How prepared are you to enter a more automated world?

RPA process maturity benefits include:

  • Reduced redundant technology
  • Being prepared for managing human/machine collaboration
  • Governance and operations expertise
  • Scaled automation investments

Four Key Competencies

Why are IA implementations more involved than typical technologies? Because of complexities involved in managing both the digital and human parts of hybrid workforces.

To succeed, tech leaders must address:

  1. PROCESS — How and what to automate
  2. PEOPLE — Challenge or opportunity?
  3. GOVERNANCE — Keep from running amok
  4. TECHNOLOGY — Optimize your engine

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Know Your Maturity Level

To strategically grow intelligent automation, first take this Forrester Research survey.

Assess your IA competencies to know where to invest next. Discover where you land in these three maturity categories:


Most enterprises are just learning about intelligent automation opportunities. You must build consensus, reduce redundant tool sets, leverage skills across the business and provide more cost-effective building blocks.


Multiple IA projects are in production, yet not unified or democratized. You may have an automation center but no functioning pipeline management. You need to put IA tools in the hands of the business.


Mature orgs have federated governance with distributed access to intelligent automation systems across the business. Scale IA quickly and safely with methods to build mining automations and shared-service roadmaps.